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All things of value are defenseless. (Lucebert)

You must take care of everything that is dear to you. You will have many years of pleasure from a piano that is in good condition. The conditions then are that the mechanics continue to work well and that the strings continue to produce the correct sound. The adjustments of the hammerheads and the mechanics are the most common jobs. This is precise and time-consuming work that costs on the average about € 500 to a maximum of € 1000. I can also carry out smaller maintenance and cleaning jobs. That depends on the condition of your piano. Naturally, I will begin any work only after consulting with you.

A piano is sensitive to climate

Playing on an out-of-tune piano is painful to listen to! A piano gets out of tune due to changes in temperature and humidity. In concert halls the climate is carefully regulated, but in a home the heating comes on in the winter and in the summer the windows are open - no climate for any kind of piano!

It helps to put a pot of water in the bottom of the piano when the central heating comes on. Check the humidity with a hygrometer, trying to keep it between 50 and 70%. It is also sensible to have your piano tuned twice a year. When you make an appointment, we will first listen carefully to your piano. You then can tell me how you think it should sound. Then I’ll start to work and I guarantee that when my work is finished, your piano will sound just as beautiful as you wanted it to.


Piano Life Saver: your piano protector

If you live in an extremely dry or damp house, your piano will quickly get out of tune. Therefore invest in “Piano Life Saver.” This is literally the preservation of your instrument and therefore an excellent investment. I am quite familiar with this technique and have already installed several Life Saver systems. Also good service and maintenance is of great importance to this system. You can find more information at: www.orimex.nl